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About Crow's Nest BBS Software

The ultimate in DOS based bulleting Board systems is now Free!

View the Manual On-Line (Acrobat Reader required). To download the Manual, right click on the link and choose "save as". The ASCII based manual is no longer available.

  • Minimum Requirements
  • Recommended Requirements
  • GAP was the first BBS software to include the popular Zmodem protocol internally. Our Full Screen Message Editor has set the standard for on-line ANSI editors. We were the first with "Intelligent" Questionnaires. We were the first to develop Text Display files that can perform various BBS functions. And don't forget, we helped to write the standard Door Interface file, DOOR.SYS, that every other BBS software adheres to.
  • GAP categorizes files into what we call a FileBase. Each FileBase (you can have up to 40 of them!) can record information on over 2 million files. A FileBase is a collection of records, where each record provides specific details on each file you have available for downloading. At a glance, you can tell who uploaded a file, the date it was uploaded, how many times its been downloaded and the date it was last downloaded. Each file in the database can be given its own security level. In addition, you may attach a list of names to a file and only those users who's names appear in the list will be allowed to download the file.
  • Adding files to a FileBase can be as easy as importing a file listing. Or, if you have a CD-ROM, you can utilize one of the Pier discs that come with a pre-built FileBase - simply copy it to your hard drive and you instantly have over 3000 files available for download!
  • With GAP Communications, data retrieval is lightning fast and accurate. With as many as 2 billion users, a record can be found in less than one second due to the use of Keyed Access ISAM files. GAP is essentially a Data Base program and a Communications program rolled into one.
  • Included with GAP, at no extra charge, are a User Editor, a FileBase Manager, a QWK Mail Module, a QWK and Fido Echo Mail Tosser, a Report Generator, a Caller Log Analyzer, and much, much more.

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Minimum Requirements

  • DOS - Whatever version it is up to now days.
  • Modem - None of those Win Modem thingies!
  • 386 Computer - Do they make such a thing?
  • Hard Drive - 40 megs should do.
  • CGA Monitor - how awful!

Recommended Requirements

  • Windows 98/ME.
  • Pentium class Computer.
  • 32 megabytes of Memory (64 megs is better).
  • 200 - 500 megabyte Hard Drive.
  • VGA Color Monitor at 800x600 minimum resolution.
  • 28.8k or 33.6k Modem. One Modem for each Node.